We are back dealing with the unexplainable. It has been my biggest adventure this year. My poor son has been sick for the fourth time this year. He gets a cold or flu like thing that would take the average person a couple days to shake, but he starts vomiting. Then, he doesn’t stop. The first couple were just a couple weeks. The third was four and a half weeks long including the week long hospital stay.

Now we are on week three of our latest episode. It has been a battle. The doctors are perplexed. And have stopped helping us. Even to the point of not returning our calls. When your kid or ANYONE has been vomiting for an extended amount of time shouldn’t your oath as a physician require you to TRY to help us not run from us because it’s a challenge? I had to change doctors, which isn’t easy, and do my own research. 

Basically, be my child’s own advocate for help. It shouldn’t be this hard! Sometimes I feel like I am the only one helping my kid. It shouldn’t be that way. Isn’t there any physician’s out there that want to help? How can you help when you can’t find some one to help you?

This adventure is not what I was looking for.

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