Chipolte Tofu and almond milk.

Although I have been trying to limit my soy intake, trying to eat vegan soy-free is very hard. I had already tried eating tofu, and it was nasty stuff so giving that up was going to be easy. But my soy milk? What could I possibly have in my macchiato to be my milk? Rice milk makes me think of the water that they would boil rice in and have you drink as a kid when you were sick.. Blech! So a friend suggested almond milk. Keep in mind here that I HATE NUTS.. although not allergic to them.. I just don’t like them. So I held out no hope of liking almond milk at all. But I now have three half gallons in my fridge! I love it! Even on my cheerios! YUM!

So I figured if I could give that a try then I should perhaps give the tofu a second chance too. Although the whole vegan recipe thing tends to lean toward Chines.. WHICH I really don’t like the flavor of.. So the other way is mexican. I found a recipe for Chipolte tofu. I love chipolte.. so why not try to ruin that with tofu? Just kidding. I’m really trying to expand what I can eat not limit it.

So I smooshed tofu and cooked it up.. ate it.. and LIKED it! I’m not crazy or desperate, I’m adventuring! I’m adventuring into a new and exciting world of veganism, my way.

What will your adventure be?

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