Eating Vegan

I have been trying to figure out my new medically induced version of eating. I had been identifying it as non-dairy vegan. But.. it seems that vegan really does define the way that I eat. No animal products or by products, including milk stuffs. However.. it looks like I am about to move into the soy-free zone too. Ugh, how hard is that? I have been just learning to create or adjust to the vegan side of eating and adapting my family/evening meal so I am not making food all-night but too many restrictions is beginning to be overwhelming. Not quite the adventure I was hoping for.

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1 Response to Eating Vegan

  1. ahyesplans says:

    I really recommend Quick Fix Vegan by Robin Robertson. It’s the reason I’m vegan in the first place. She has amazing recipes. I now consider cooking a hobby.

    Good luck, and I hope your medical problems resolve quickly!

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