Tired of my medical adventuring.

So it’s that time of year… the flexible savings account for our health insurance has been depleted. Again. Even after we had increased it again this year. We’ve had a lot going on this year. When I say a lot.. I mean a lot. While my child was admitted to the hospital, I had to go to an appointment with a specialist that I had been waiting two months for. You don’t want to cancel one of those because who knows it will take you to get back in. Also, that appointment was terrible. The doctor was TWO hours late for the appointment. They kind of have you trapped when it takes you two months to get in to see them… just imagine sitting there for two hours thinking about your kid that is sitting in the hospital that you would rather be with. Not a good scenario.  Any way.. that is a rant for some other time.  I am tired of hearing the doctors telling me they don’t know. I know its hard to pin point what is going on. But when is enough, enough?

You go through test after test only to have them find MORE things wrong with you but nothing that can contribute to what is ACTUALLY wrong with you. My son was released from the hospital never knowing what was wrong with him. With an acceptable level of vomiting.. he had already been vomiting for two weeks, three by the time he was released from the hospital, and another week and a half now. Still hadn’t stopped by the time we could get him in to a specialist. Now testing that should have been done in the hospital will take another three weeks. Great medical system we are running here. But again I get side tracked with that rant.. I have been doing some testing my self, to no avail. Can’t find what is wrong. Been finding more things to add to my list of surprise.. bet you didn’t know that was there. But no explanation for what is wrong with me.

So when do you stop the medical adventuring? When do you decide, I can live with the pain I am in everyday. I have gotten it to a manageable level, most of the time, and for the most part can tell what will really set it off. Some times it flares up for no reason. But when do you call it quits? I have one more test before my specialist refers me to another specialist in another city. But I am on the fence about even going thru with this test. Why bother? I’m afraid that they will find something else, and I’m afraid that there will still be no explanation.

Done adventuring.

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