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So I have been slacking off for a while. I can’t attribute it to any one thing. I have had a lot going on. I have been dealing with a lot of personal medical issues. There have also been an increase of things needing my attention around the house. Little projects. WHich I should technically be posting as little adventures. I could turn this one post into a ton of little posts to catch you up to date on what has been going on.

Project: Gardening.. I have been increasing the flowers and plants around my yard this year. We have a color theme going right now. White, Pink, purple and a bluish purple. I fell in LOVE with the Fuschia plant that I found this year. So expanding my gardening skills has become quite an adventure. That little plant is quite picky about how much sun it gets.

Project: Fort construction.. my son had taken our fire wood and made a makeshift fort/eyesore in part of the yard. My hubs, not being happy with said eyesore demanded the immediate deconstruction when it started to accumulate yard clippings as “camouflage”. So as a compromise I offered to let him build his fort in the SIDE yard with leftover pieces of wood from various projects or broken fence pieces, stuff like that he could salvage. Plus give him and his friends something to do and feel good about building themselves. At least that was the idea… They of course started out with grand plans. They wanted it to be two-story and equivalent to a small house. Which I had to quickly tell them was not only not in the cards.. but not in the wood pile. So, we scaled back and broke ground. Then we broke everything else. Not really but we tried. My son hurt his shoulder.. so I ended up doing a lot of the work. The initial construction was not the most sound. So when I was forced to take my reciprocating saw to a screw that was protruding a bit too much, the entire structure cam crashing to the ground. OOPS! But at least Now It is framed up like it should have been and is structurally sound. We did end up buying another sheet of plywood and one that is specifically for sheds that has a coating on it that we used as a roof to help with weather. It still needs some bits and pieces… but I don’t want to be the one doing all of the work. It is the little guy’s fort after all.

Project: Why on earth would you use a perfectly good keyboard slide when you can build your own riser to hold your new monitor? We keep all of this unnecessary crap tucked in corners and crevices all over the house, hoping to use it some time in the future. But with computer stuff it is usually outdated and useless when you pull it out to use it. But a keyboard slide that can also support your monitor.. those are always useful. Right? Wrong. It fit the space perfectly, so I figured. But Hubs wanted it an inch lower. And this stored forever piece of junk was an inch to tall for him. I would be able to put up with it. I figure I don’t sit there all day, it’s not like I work there. Neither does he. Do we really need to alter it for an inch? Apparently. So off to Lowe’s, my local home improvement store. I did talk him out of a router, and found pre-laminated wood that was close to the color of the existing desk. My splurge item was a pocket jig so the we wouldn’t see the screws. I LOVE NEW TOYS! It is lovely. I am going to have all kinds of fun playing with my new toy too.

Food: Oreo cupcakes. My son usual has Oreo something for his birthday and it will be her soon so this year since I am a little obsessed with cupcakes I figured I would try Oreo cupcakes. He does not like Chocolate so Chocolate cupcakes with oreos is out of the question. But the ones I ended up making, my daughter said tasted like vanilla wafer cookies… so I guess it’s a work in progress.

Food: Due to previously mentioned medical issues.. I have had to dramatically alter my diet. Dramatically meaning I used to eat everything. Now I am limited to basically fruits and vegetables. I am calling it non-dairy vegan. But there are a few cheats I will splurge on but very few and far between. I really miss cheese. But I am learning quite a lot about food alternatives and supplements and how much healthier they are for you. Some of the meals I have stumbled across purely out of.. this may taste good on there.. have become my favorites. And are SOOO much better for you. Imagine if we were taking the time to put this much thought into our eating if our health wasn’t on the line.. Shouldn’t we be thinking like that anyway? I found a recipe on for pizza balls made with quinoa. It never made it to the ball stage. My daughter and I ate it.. all of it. She said it tasted like spaghetti and meat balls. Meatless meatballs. šŸ™‚ Isn’t that a kick.. She enjoyed my healthy food and asked if I was going to make some more! The key is the fresh herbs and food. It just plain tastes better.

That is probably enough of my adventures for now. What will yours be?

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