Another First

I’m going to be a bit dark here so please tread lightly while reading. I will also warn you up front that this is going to be a rant. A very dark one. I witnessed my first animal Euthanization last night. Yes, that is where this is leading. I told you it would be dark. Now without dwelling on the outcome of what happened (because I’m still dealing with that, not because I’m a monster) I have to spend a few minutes ranting about the way we, and I’m including the animal here were treated up until the moment. You’re not there making this decision lightly. So please, veterinarians, Staff and reception people.. If I have to tell you ten times that my animal is a she and you keep referring to it as a he.. even after the deed is done. You appear to be the most uncaring Jackasses in the world. Holding the door for me on my way out doesn’t make me like you any better. I really just want to kick you in the nuts. Not only did you not care enough to find out if my animal was a he or she.. now you’re shoving me out the door.. at least hand me a tissue.

Not a first or adventure I care to repeat.

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