What’s in the attic?

I’ve been playing a game, it’s called what’s in the attic. It started with the noises at night. The sound of something moving around. Much larger than a mouse. I am really thinking that it is a squirrel. The sounds of things rolling down my vaulted ceiling during the wee hours of the night made me lean that way. Thinking that it was storing nuts for winter. It’s been a little chillier in the mornings so you can feel fall in the air. I have done a bit of research and it confused me more than ever. Nocturnal not nocturnal. I have seen Squirrels, opossums, and even raccoons around our house. The hole that I found that they were getting into would most likely indicate the size of a squirrel. Plus I know that the opossums can’t jump that far. I closed up that hole.

Within a couple of days.. my master bedroom started to smell. Then smell worse.. Now five days later.. we can’t even contain it to the master bedroom. Leaving the windows and doors open doesn’t help. The aroma is quite overwhelming. Now the game has turned into.. what has died in our attic. Problem being that it is not as simple as going up into the attic to see what is up there. The area that is the strongest has a vaulted ceiling.. so no attic.. and its an outside wall. It smells really good when its 102 degrees and the sun is beating on the wall.

I don’t think this will be the last of this adventure. But not really looking forward to the rest.

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