Teaching an Old Dog New Tricks

Do you know the scene in the Jim Carey Movie “Yes, Man” where he has just played the Song “Jumper” on the guitar and pulled the guy off the ledge? Then he says to the guy, “I got blistas on my fingas.” That is me right now. I’m venturing into guitar playing. But that is just the beginning of my adventure. My Little guy is teaching me how to play!! SO, he is teaching this old dog some new tricks! I have a thirst for learning so why not let him share his! Plus it helps him with his “teaching skills”.

I also ventured to a new coffee place today after having DAYS of bad coffee karma at more than one of my old places. We will just say.. that the bad coffee karma continues. The place was very nice. The customer service was EXCELLENT!! Which is saying alot because I am way picky about my service. The ambiance of the place was.. off. It was like an airport lounge. Stuffy and unwelcoming. Everybody had a paper and was wearing a business suit. Besides the cheerful staff, no one talked with any one else. But the biggest detriment was the coffee was bad. They had everything a place could want. The gadgets, the counter was beautiful.. but hands down.. it just didn’t do it for me. Bad coffee.. two thumbs down. Two thumbs up for the staff and customer service though!  If I could get that every where… let me back track.. if I could get that anywhere.. I would have a much better shopping experience.

Being complacent with my coffee and being unhappy with it is what led me to start this blog any way and push my self to try new things. ALthough not many people know that I am blogging about them..when I do blog.. I have tried quite a few new things. Not just new coffee. Its been over a year and I have done a bunch of things. I even took the family Camping, fishing, a couple of things that I had on the bucket list of stuff to do. Boy that is refreshing to know I’ve done. Now if I could just get in shape enough to do that marathon :)… my great white Whale of adventures..

What will your adventure be?

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