Flood the phone

I typically like to work on things.. but generally speaking it comes out of necessity,  not a just for fun type of requirement. Yesterday I found myself in the situation of having to fix my flooded iphone. Let me tell you.. That is a very interesting piece of technology right there. Amazing that you can flood that sucker with water and it keeps on ticking… after a series of carefully executed processes to keep the damage from getting any more drastic than it already was… So… my rant and my adventure for the day was that I got to take apart and reassemble my phone.. and that it still works.. knock on wood.. but being without it was my rant.. are we SO addicted to technology that we have to have, have,  have.. has having everything at out finger tips made us more impatient as a people? I have pondered this before. I think it will make it worse.. our impatience, our courtesy, and our tempers over all. After all aren’t we just over grown kids with an I want it now attitude? Facebook, a location, a tweet, something to pass the time.. maybe we need to take the time to put down the phones and enjoy the company of the person next to you. Try talking to them.. not texting.. what a novel idea..

Oops, turned into a rant… Happy adventuring.

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