For some reason I have been stuck on cupcakes. I can’t get over how much I am obsessed with them. I think about them, I bake them, I think about flavor combinations, I shop for sprinkles.. What is my major malfunction???

I baked some very good Cookie dough cupcakes with Chocolate Frosting. They were very tasty. I notated what I would do different and how yummy they were.. Maybe it’s something I just need to get out of my system. I just need to bake and bake and bake.. vary the flavors and filling and toppings and just get burnt out on them.. would that help??

Cupcakes are just little cakes.. and I’ve been baking and decorating those for years.. Maybe I need to start a new adventure.. a cupcake adventure.. a challenge to try new frostings and flavors..  I already have my brand new bottle of Vanilla Bean paste..  and have purchased cake flour.. I see vanilla bean cupcakes in my future adventures.. What will your adventure be?

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