Prom dress mess

I know that we shouldn’t be waiting for three weeks before prom to get a prom dress.. But really this was the first chance we’ve had. So I guess it’s what I deserve. But eight hours of shopping and seeing the same dress and the same sizes and NOTHING that will work is a little ridiculous. Do they take into account anything when they design these dresses? You have to know that regardless of a girls shape or size they are actually going to be moving in this dress. It will need to cover something in the event of MOVEMENT!! Not to mention sitting!?!?! Every dress that we happened to come across barely was designed to cover more than a bath towel. So could you imagine wearing a bath towel to prom? Or how about an ace bandage that kriss crosses your breasts? Because that is about all the dresses that we encountered did. Then today I hear a story on the radio that a group of girls are suspended after their attire at prom!! The mom in the story said that the dress in question was better than most they had found. I after my weekend escapade am in complete agreement! I challenge ANYONE to try to find a DECENT prom dress right now. I can not believe that they are designing dresses like that for the CHILDREN to wear. I am in no way a prude. I have on several occasions encouraged my daughter to use “the girls” to her advantage. Let’s face it.. you have them.. use them.. but the display that THESE dresses are giving are more appropriate on hookers than prom attire. A little cleavage showing is fine.. but the whole under side of your breast as a little piece of material draped around your neck holding the girls in place for a prom dress??? NO THANK YOU!!! How did any store buyer think this was okay? Are we dressing them expecting them to pay for the limo ride home?? Or are we as a society thinking that since sex is so prominently displayed that our children’s bodies are too? And who is to blame? It took us eight hours and three malls to find a dress.. still ended up with a spaghetti strap (not allowed at school dances) almost see though (fixable with under attire) dress that we will still have to adapt that was long enough ( actually covered the crotch region when she sat down). That won’t get her suspended from school and thus still allow her to walk in her graduation ceremony. That is a lot of dresses to have to say no to. So options being bath towels and ace bandages.. I suggest you start early next year and opt for the duct tape creations that are becoming more and more popular.

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