I have been sitting outside staring at the stars with my youngest. Who also happens to be bordering on teenagedom. Taking a bit of time out of our busy day can reap you a lot of rewards. We have lots of very intellectual conversations. This opens up the door for more.

I have expressed to my kids that I want them to be able to talk to me about anything. I want them to feel comfortable doing so. Keeping a close bond with them does that. I want to guide my kids through life with the right ideals and but let them experience life in a safe manner.  I know that as with all kids they will probably at some time try drinking. I would rather make sure they get home safely and not ride or drive drunk. I have made sure my kids know that I will come and get them regardless of time or distance. What I value most is their safety. It is conversations like these that I have with them. You would be surprised at what kind of report it opens up between us.

Being frank does have its downfall as they will ask you questions that you may not feel they are ready to hear. But they will usually tell you they don’t want to hear it ;). Which leads you to tell them that they will eventually in which case you will be there to talk to them about it.

I hope that in 5 years this won’t come back to bite me in the ass. But I feel if I forbid anything it will be like telling them to go do it.

I can’t sit at home with a drink and tell the kids not to do it. We discuss that I don’t drink and drive. But right now they are at the drinking is wrong stage and I’m fine with that. But I also know it is inevitable that it will change. Peer pressure or not.

Don’t even get me started on the “birds and the bees” conversation.. that is a whole other rant..

but today.. I’m up for an adventure.. I love stargazing and conversation. OPen up your eyes and your mouth, spend some time talking to your family and friends. Maybe even share your latest adventure. What will your adventure be?

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