New place for lunch

Tried a new place for lunch. A little hole in the wall (literally) attached to a gas station. Was surprised that the pastrami was probably the best I have had. But was too pricey for a hole in the wall and it had little to no meat on the sandwich for the amount you pay. Probably won’t be going back.

Did venture back to my old  coffee shop. Was saddened that the service I am getting there is not quite what I am liking or expecting. Pretty bad when the coffee shop that doesn’t know me treats me  better than the one that knows me and my kids and everything that has happened to me and them in the last five years. Heck I was invited to go out with half of the crew just a couple of weeks ago. Now, I am a little agitated that a couple of the people there are getting down right rude. Aren’t they supposed to get friendlier as they get to know you? I know it’s sad that I know the people at my coffee shop that well, but face it you see them on a daily basis, shouldn’t you? I feel bad mentioning stuff to the manager. I did so once before and got quite a reputation for it. I’m not a mean person. But it was quite uncomfortable for me after that. I don’t want that to happen again. Too bad my new coffee shop is farther way.. bummer.

But there is my adventure and my rant for the day. What will your adventure be today?

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