New recipe

Last week I kept trying new things but didn’t get around to blogging about them. I can remember at least one and that was a new recipe. It was for Asparagus. Which I don’t happen to enjoy anyway. But put cheese on any thing and you’ve got me:). So this was for parmesan crusted asparagus.  We enjoyed it with some smoked chicken breasts which were also very delectable and if you want to go there also a new  recipe since we had never tried smoking chicken before either. SO all in all it was a very delightful departure from our everyday repetitive meals.

I have continued to frequent the coffee shop that I ventured to last month and try new drinks. I have not been disappointed yet.

I did also try a new burger place last week . Had been touted as one of the best in my city. I was not impressed. I did however like the cheese :)!  I can also now say that I have been there. So all in all. It was edible. I crossed a to do off my ever-expanding list of to do some time. I tried something new.

I stuck to my initial idea of try something new. Which I did. I didn’t say I would like it 🙂 But although I didn’t like the burger, I loved the asparagus and smoked chicken. So I did find something new that I liked.

What will you find?

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