Venturing out of my Bubble

So my Adventure for today was venturing out of my comfort bubble.  It may not seem like a big deal to most people, but if you think about how set and comfortable are we in our day to day routine you may change your mind. I order the same drink at my coffee shop. I go to the same restaurants. I make the same meals week after week for dinner. Eat the same lunches. BORING!!

Today, I chose to go to a whole new coffee shop. Ordered a whole NEW drink. I was pleasantly surprised by my attempt at the unknown. I Enjoyed my new experience. I plan to go back and enjoy more new beverages at the new coffeehouse.  Everything was new to me about the new place. I didn’t just walk in and walk out. I noticed everything. Have you noticed what you walked by today? Did you notice that the air smelled sweeter? I didn’t just coast through today. I noticed new things. I experienced new things. But I changed only one thing.

What will be the one thing you will venture to change for yourself today?

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